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Common MySQL Errors

MySQL is the first choice of PHP developers. As an open-source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that uses SQL language, MySQL database helps to automate data retrieving and provides great support in PHP MySQL web application development.


Errors are Unintentional mistakes, In fact every human usually makes more mistakes than a computer (reports).

How to Fix ?

Sometimes we try fixing the errors ourselves but instead make the issue more hard to be fixed. But don't worry, have a look at some common error messages and reasons which might've cause the error to be triggered.

Access denied

The Error message looks like ‘Access denied for user wpxbe_12345678’@‘195.163.0.*’ (using password: YES)` .

Which means that the You don't have access to the database name

Lost connection to MySQL server

Network conditions should be checked if this is a frequent error. If an error message like “Lost connection to MySQL server” appears while querying the database, it is certain that the error has occurred because of network connection issues.

The table is full

Which either means that you have hit the inode or disk limit or the database limit.

Table tbl_name doesn’t exist

In some cases, the user may be referring to the table incorrectly. It is possible because the MySQL server uses directories and files for storing database tables. Depending upon the operating system file management, the database and table names can be case sensitive.

Tips to Avoid Errors

Be sure you are using your hosting account password

The most common issue is that people are not using the right database password. You should use the hosting account password in your script configuration.

Important: the hosting account password is not your client area password! The hosting account password is randomly generated when you create an account, and you can find or change it in your client area (click the account in the accounts list).

You weren’t able to fix the error ?

This is why the community is here! Open a new topic don’t forget to explain your issue clearly so that you can get help from the community quickly and continue your mission 😉.