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Your Disk Quota Is Exceeded

If you have reached the inode limit of 30,019, you will see an error. If you log in to the Control Panel, you can view how many inodes you have used.

To prevent this error, you will need to delete some files and/or folders from your Hosting Account files. This will lower your, inode count. We recommend removing unused scripts, temporary files, and other files your website doesn’t need to function, such as old logs or images.

Our inode counter is not updated instantaneously. It can take up to 24 hours to update with the new statistics, and during this time, you may still not be able to upload new files or use Softaculous (the auto-installer).

If you can’t remove any of the content using up all of your inodes, you need to upgrade to premium where you get more inodes (and storage space).